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A Short Guide to UK Visas and Immigration Options

United Kingdom
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The UK is considered one of the most popular immigration countries. High-growth companies hire exceptional talent and provide perfect opportunities to those who want UK Visas and Immigration. We have written an ultimate guide for you to get a perfect chance of immigration to the UK.

A UK Visa is a document that grants international citizens to enter the UK, stay there for some time or live permanently on British soil. It is basically a stamp that is present on your passport. It is given either by the UK consulate or an embassy present in your own country. For example, the Student Visa in UK is a Visa perfect for students who want to study in the top-rated universities of the UK. 

Purposes to Apply For A UK Visa

If the embassy has issued you a visa, it means that you are eligible to enter the UK. There are multiple reasons to apply for a UK Visa or immigration. We have enlisted some of these important reasons;

  • To start a Business
  • To continue your study in UK
  • To spend your vacations
  • To join your relatives in UK
  • To live permanently there
  • To start your life in UK as a refugee

How Can You Apply For A UK Visa?

Applying for a Visa in a Points-Based System is more accessible than the others. It depends on the type of Visa that you want to apply for. Though the requirements for each category are quite the same, they are evaluated differently. Moreover, each type has different additional requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Visa?

If you follow the procedure after proper visa consultancy, it might take more than two weeks to get a UK Visa. The current visa processing time depends on the type of Visa you are applying for. It depends on several other factors as mentioned above;

  • The name of the country from where the applicant is applying for a visa
  • The location of the applicant in that country
  • The number of applications that the UK Visa processing centre is receiving at one time

Can I Get My Visa Quickly?

Well, it takes 3-4 weeks to get a Visa, but depending on the type of Visa, you can use ‘’priority service’’ and ‘’super priority service’’.  Choosing the priority service means you can take your final decision within five working days by providing £500. Choosing the super priority service means you can take your final decision by the end of the next working day by providing £800, excluding the Visa fee. 

Types of UK Visas

Business Class Visa:
This category is designed only for ‘’high-value immigrants’’ outside of the EEA. You can invest 2 Euro Million in the Investor Visa Scheme. This category also covers the Global Talent Visa, Exceptional Promise visa and Entrepreneur visa scheme. You should have a legal invitation with you that must be from a company through which you will start a business in the UK. 

Skilled Worker Visa: Workers (highly skilled) from outside the UK can apply for a job through this Visa. All those workers working in an International Company can be transferred by Intra Company Transfer Visa route.

  • Those workers should meet the requirements of the Company to which they are going to be transferred.
  • Applicants must be skilled, have a good salary level, and should be able to speak fluent English. All these requirements will make the applicant qualified for the job.


Low-skilled workers Visa: All the workers like Labours and farmers can apply through this Visa for a job in the UK. These workers usually have no experience. So, this visa provides them with a good chance to excel in their life but can not be used for immigration purposes.

Student Visa: The Student Visa in UK is specifically designed for students who desire to study in the UK and establish their careers. Applicants applying in this category should have registered with a UK educational establishment.

Temporary Work Visa: Workers looking for a temporary job in the UK can apply through this Visa. This category contains six sub-categories; charity, creative, sporting, religious people, and youth mobility schemes. Interestingly, this Visa enables almost 55,000 people to apply for and get a job every year.

These visas are perfect for those who want to do a particular job for a fixed period of time. After completion of their job, they can return back to their country.

Other Types of UK Visas

Apart from the Visas discussed above, there are some other Visas like; visitor visas, family visas, UK child visa, and UK Business visas. For in detail information about the visas, other than those discussed in "An Ultimate Guide on UK Visas and Immigration", check VisaLobby.

UK Business Visa: This Visa is designed for those who want to establish their business in the UK. They must be from outside the UK. People who want to stay for more than 6 months can apply for this Visa. You can apply for this Visa in such cases; 

  • To attend a conference
  • Take part in Sports Program
  • Join a UK based Business
  • Business Tours / Share your skills and ideas with people working on the same project

UK Family Visa: This Visa is designed for those who want to live with their family in the UK or live with a person already living in the UK. You can apply for this Visa to live with your:

  1. Life Partner
  2. Civil Partner
  3. Your child
  4. Parents
  5. Relative who have agreed to give you long-term support

UK Visitor Visa: This Visa is specifically designed for those who want to visit the UK to spend their vacations for pleasure. These are considered nonimmigrant visas. This visa has categories like;

  • Business Visitor Visa (Category B-1)
  • Tourism Visitor Visa (Category B-2)
  • Combination of both (Category B-3)

Latest News about UK Visas and Immigration

THE UKVI (HOME OFFICE division)  stated that through its priority service, Visa applicants could anticipate getting a decision in less time, like within five days. They can also take a decision the very next day as a feature of its ‘’Super Priority Service’’. 

Whether a new applicant can receive a more rapid decision relies on the applied Visa type and whether their identity is verified at the UK Visa Application Centre or not. Applicants can check this through the ‘’UK Immigration: ID Check’’ application. 

Law experts believe that when the crisis in Ukraine started, UK Visas and Immigration were relatively fast to redirect the Visa processing resources away from the regular routes. This resulted in the withdrawal of priority services from all the Visa categories from overseas and increased the processing times. 

According to the Experts, this transformation created a processing backlog, and it’s standard to schedule a worker’s starting date after 2-3 months following the submission date of their application. Many of the applicants will welcome this announcement, as the regular work Visa processing time has been about one month. A service that cuts down the processing time to one week is strongly beneficial. 

Applicants who made the Visa application before the announcement from UKVI can not gain an advantage from the service. However, they are not able to withdraw their fees and application. In this process, applicants might lose some application fees. This might mean re-compelling the process of sponsorship. 

The UKVI has stated that family members could also gain an advantage from the priority services, but each member who requires this service must apply first and then pay the desired fees. UKVI has mentioned that priority services are not open in all the locations. Therefore, applicants must note their selected centre. Due to this step taken by the UKVI, UK Visas and Immigration policies might change. 

Experts have stated that visit Visas would be reintroduced with the priority services. The processing times of Visit Visa applications will be reduced in the coming days. Immigration categories, like family applications, will remain suspended overall from the offers in priority.


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