Three international students are looking at the book and smiling. Three international students are looking at the book and smiling.


Top 9 Low-Cost Universities In UK For International Students

United Kingdom
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Everyone knows the importance of good quality higher education. It opens the doors and new opportunities for people in the career paths they choose. The United Kingdom, especially London, is a hub for Higher Education for knowledge seekers worldwide. Thus, it makes the experience more enjoyable for people of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. In fact, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by vintage buildings, nature, parks, museums and entertainment venues in the UK?

There are more than 8 million students around the globe that have flocked to the UK to study. The United Kingdom has a thriving education system with a networking hub that opens doors to excellence. However, it can be hefty on your bank account. There are some low-cost Universities in the UK for international students. So we've compiled a list of some highly reputed but affordable universities. These universities are some of the best affordable options in the UK in terms of affordable academic excellence. Let's learn about each of these and their fee structure. 


Teesside University

First on the list of low-cost Universities in the UK for international students is Teesside University. Teesside is one of the most reputable universities in England. This University is internationally recognized. Its substantial range of courses. Their exceptional quality research and teaching staff offer you an excellent education.


Is Teesside University Expensive?

An exciting fact about this institute is its nominal tuition fee. Thus, it will surely help you in making your decision. This University is charging international students £4,875 (four months) and £13,000 (per year) for undergraduate and postgraduate (1 year) programs. Whether you get admission in January or September, the fee structure will remain the same. Amazingly, the University also offers scholarships and discounts to particular students who fulfil the criteria.


Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh

One of the most exciting facts about Queen Margaret University is that it is very near Edinburgh's beautiful city. There University offers a variety of study programs. When searching for the most affordable University, this can be your best choice. 


What are the fees for Queens Margaret university?

Queen Margaret University's tuition fee is comparatively meagre than British standards. In the case of the undergraduate program, you have to pay £2,820. Whereas, for the postgraduate program, you need to pay £7,700. If applying for the undergraduate program, in some cases, you can avail of a 40% discount on the international tuition fee.


Coventry University

Coventry University can be your best choice if you want a valuable and affordable education. This University is growing at a very high rate, with about 31,700 students. Teaching Excellence Framework gives Coventry University a "Gold" rank. The response of students studying at this University is also highly positive. According to a national student survey, the student satisfaction of Coventry University was 87%.


What is Coventry University ranking in the world?

Coventry University is ranked 601 to 800 top universities in the QS World University Rankings. 


What are the courses in Coventry University?

Coventry University offers a variety of courses to national and international students. These courses are as follows.

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Applied Biosciences

  • Business

  • Information and Technology

  • Engineering

  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Law

  • Hospitality and more.


How much is Coventry University for international students?

The annual tuition fees for international undergraduates range from £9,000 to 12,600.  



London Metropolitan University

Also known as London Met, it is a public research university in London, England. It has six schools that offer the following programmes.


London Metropolitan University courses

  • Social Professions

  • Business and Law

  • Computing and Digital Media

  • Social Sciences

  • Human Sciences

  • Art

  • Architecture and Design


Is London Metropolitan University any good?

London Metropolitan University has secured high ranks in American Studies and Law among all its faculties. In contrast, its School of Art, Architecture and Design was ranked 4th in the Guardian University League Tables 2022.


Is London Metropolitan University Expensive?

The University helps its local and international students, whether they apply for undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The specialist advisers at the university aim to provide a stress-free and affordable education plan to its students. They offer them relevant loans, bursaries, grants, scholarships, and fee reductions to support their studies. The annual average tuition fee is £12,500.  


University of West London

Formed in 1860, The University of West London is a public research university among the oldest educational institutions in London. The West London Campus has two sites: Ealing and Brentford, and it also has a campus in Reading, Berkshire. 


What courses does the University of London have?

The University comprises eight schools offering education in the following subjects.

  • Business

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Computing and Engineering

  • Music

  • Nursing

  • Midwifery and Healthcare

  • Law and Criminology

  • Human and Social Sciences

  • Film

  • Media and Design

The University of West London secured the best results in Greater London in the many annual National Student Survey. Thus the responses from its learners showed that the University was leading in student satisfaction. Each of the University's courses is designed to prepare students for work after leaving. Therefore, it has a remarkable graduate employment rate.


University of West London fees for international students

With 10% of students from outside the UK, the University of West London provides free and confidential support to its international students, including fees and scholarships, visa and immigration, housing rights, etc. Its average annual tuition fee is £10,000.


Brunel University

Brunel University is known for its excellent academic programs. It is a public research university in England, in Uxbridge. As a public university, its endowment exceeds 2 million. 

The perfectly managed infrastructure and academic prowess give excellent opportunities for students to shine and excel in their respective fields. Brunel University is one of the most sought after educational institutions in the United Kingdom.


Brunel university fees

The criteria are realistic for hardworking students, and the tuition fee is relatively affordable at around £13,000 to £16,000.


University of East London


University of East London (UEL) is located in the London Borough of Newham, London, England. The University commenced its academic reign in 1892, initially serving only the local community.


Is the University of East London good for international students?

The University is well-known for providing excellent support services to international students. UEL was ranked first in the UK for visa advice and language assistance (International Student Barometer). UEL is one of London's most employable universities.


University of East London courses

The University provides courses in the following subjects.

  • Science

  • Engineering

  • Art 

  • Furthermore, they decided to establish what is now known as an "internal degree". These internal degree courses vary in science and engineering subjects. UEL also has a women's department on campus.


University of East London Departments 

The University has various departments in a diverse range of excellent subjects. These departments are:

  • School of Architecture

  • Computing and Engineering

  • School of Education and Communities

  • School of Health

  • Sport and Bioscience

  • School of Psychology

  • School of Arts and Creative Industries

  • A Graduate school that provides resources and support for students of postgraduate studies.


How much is the tuition fee in the University of East London?

The tuition fee at the University of East London for International students is approximately 11,440 GBP.


Does the University of East London give scholarships to international students?

Scholarships/discounts of up to £3000 are awarded to international self-funded students who pay complete overseas fees. 



Greenwich University

At the doorstep of London, this affordable University allows you to experience the best of both the city and the countryside as it's situated on the picturesque Thames River.


Is the University of Greenwich a good University?

With a QS ranking between 751 and 800, this University is proud of its diverse student body and educational facilities. Greenwich University has a relatively high research output. 


Greenwich University fee structure

It costs about £9,250 per year for an honours degree at an undergraduate level. However, if you are an international student, the fee for most bachelor's degree programs is approximately £15,100. Generally, students must pay at least 70% free at the beginning of year one. Other charges may be applicable if you need to again undertake specific parts of the programme. Or in case you add additional credits to your study programme.


Queen Mary University of London

This public research university is based in London, England. It has a long and glorious history as its roots date back as far as 1785. With five campuses generously scattered across Mile End, Whitechapel, Charterhouse Square, Lincoln's Inn Fields and West Smithfield. The University also has a remarkable presence in foreign countries such as China, France, Greece and even Malta.

Like most universities, Queen Mary University of London fees can be roughly divided into two categories. The cost for national students and international students. It is comparatively affordable, especially considering its state of the art facilities and renowned faculty.


Queen Mary University of London tuition fees

The tuition fee for the Queen Mary University of London is 9,250 GBP. 


Does the Queen Mary University of London give scholarships to international students?

Queen Mary collaborates closely with Chevening, the UK government's international scheme focused on developing global leaders. Also, it focuses on offering a large number of full scholarships for any of our one-year Masters's courses.


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