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EU and Kazakhstan Discuss Easier Schengen Visa Process for Kazakh Citizens

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Kazakhstan and the EU are working on making it easier for Kazakh citizens to obtain Schengen visas. Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vasilenko highlighted the importance of this during a Cooperation Committee meeting.

The EU is a key trading partner for Kazakhstan, and easing travel could boost trade, especially in agriculture. Both sides also discussed cooperation on climate change.

Currently, Kazakh citizens need a Schengen visa to enter the EU, requiring documents like flight reservations, health insurance, and proof of funds. Kazakhstan is pushing to simplify these requirements and increase visa issuance rates.


UK Refugee Visa Rules Trap Children in War Zones

United kingdom,United state



A report by the charity Ramfel reveals that UK bureaucratic hurdles trap children in war zones. The family reunion process, intended for safe reunification, is failing.

Ramfel highlighted 14 cases from Sudan in April 2023; eight remain trapped, facing severe risks. The UK government closed its Sudan visa centre and won't waive fingerprint requirements. Refugees, including children, take dangerous routes.

Yusef, an Eritrean refugee in the UK, struggles to bring his brothers to safety. Ramfel calls for reforms to ensure swift, safe visa processes. The Home Office insists on biometric checks for identity verification, despite the challenges.

Bali Governor Calls for Tougher Measures Against Misbehaving Tourists

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Acting Bali Governor Sang Made Mahendra Jaya advocates for stricter measures against misbehaving tourists. He emphasizes the need for full enforcement of rules and laws to address issues caused by a small minority of foreigners.

Despite Bali's economy growing by 5.98% in Q1 2024, concerns about the negative impact of unruly tourists persist. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is collaborating with immigration authorities to create new regulations.

Tourism industry leaders also call for stricter visa policies. In 2024, 135 foreigners have been deported, highlighting the urgency of addressing these challenges.

French Tech Leaders Warn Immigration Curbs Threaten AI Aspirations

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French tech executives warn that the far-right National Rally party's proposed immigration restrictions could harm France's AI goals. President Macron, supporting tech growth, faces challenges as the RN party, likely to win upcoming elections, aims to limit migrant workers and scrutinize foreign investments.

CEOs like Julien Launay and Camille Lemardeley stress that skilled immigration is vital for innovation and competitiveness. Hugo Weber of Mirakl also highlights the risk of attracting global talent and funding.

As France seeks AI leadership, these policies could impede progress and affect the tech ecosystem. The RN did not respond to requests for comments.

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